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Independent questions (IQ)

An Independent Question (IQ) is an isolated question in the Catalogue that can be associated with multiple Question Folders / Self-Assessment Questionnaires / Examinations. If several independent questions are added to an exam content, they are grouped together in an “independent question” folder when the learner generates the exam.

1. When should independent questions be used?

When you want to create a question database with several authors/co-authors, and then select the questions for an exam.

2. Advice on using independent questions

It is strongly recommended that you use the metadata (skilltree, expertise or cross-disciplinary skill, depending on the case) to find the questions easily when combining them in an examination folder.

3. How do I find an independent question in the question catalogue (ISD)?

In the question management interface (QMI), Independent Questions (IQs) can be identified by the content “Type”, which gives a direct view of the type of question used. The “Type” field can be used to filter on a particular type of question (MCQ, UCQ, SCQ, ASSO, ZONE, NUM, Short Answer or Essay). In addition, the “Usage” filter can be used to quickly identify indenpendent questions used in exams.

4. How do I create an independent question?

  • Click on “IQ” in the question management interface (QMI)

  • Choose the type of question from the 8 available

  • Create the question

    Note: when the question is created, the “content” tab for editing the question opens automatically, depending on the type of question chosen.

5. How do I export or duplicate a question as an independent question?

From a question folder, questions can be duplicated or exported to create independent questions for re-use in other contexts.
You can choose between :

  • Duplicate the question in the QMI: in this case, changes made in the folders do not affect the independent question and vice versa. The independent question is isolated, and this action can be used to modify a question that has already been played in an exam, training session or self-assessment.
  • Make the question an independent question in the QMI: changes made to the question have an impact on the independent question and its various uses, and vice versa (if you change the independent question, the change will also be made to the question in the folder). This is only possible if the question has not already been played.

If you want to find out more, have a look at the tutorial below: “What types of questions are available in Theia?”

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