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Following a skills repository session

Once your skills repository session has started or ended, you can access individual or group learner tracking.

1. Individual monitoring

To access individual monitoring and the grids completed by the tutors for each learner, you can go to :

  • 1: Go to the “Monitoring” tab
  • 2: Then to the “Individual” tab
  • 3: Click on “Access” next to the learner’s name to access their completed grid.

Here is an example of a completed learner grid.

2. Group monitoring

To access the group monitoring click on :

  • 1: The ” Monitoring ” tab
  • 2: Then choose the “Collective” tracking option
  • 3: If several scales are used in your session, remember to select all of them so that they appear in the grid below.
  • 4: Click on “Submit” to display the selected scales. This will allow you to view the results in the grid at the bottom of the page, using the colour code for each assessment scale (in the columns you have the items assessed and in the rows the learners).
  • 5 : Finally, you can export the session results in Excel format

Here is an example of exporting the results of a skills repository session.

If you want to find out more, have a look at the tutorial below: “Skills repository session”.

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