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Registering tutors and learners for a skills repository session

1. Subscribing learners

To subscribe your learners to a skills repository session, you can go to your session, then :

  • 1: In the ” Learners” tab
  • 2: Use the filter search to find the learner(s) you want to register
  • 3: Enrol them individually
  • 4: Or collectively

2. Associating tutors and learners

2.1. Associating tutors and learners manually

To associate tutors and learners manually :

  • 1: Go to the “Tutors” tab
  • 2: Use the filter search to display the learners you wish to associate
  • 3: Use the filter search to display the tutors you want to associate with them (note: only users with the following right “Be eligible as a skills repository tutor” will be visible and selectable)
  • 4: Select the learners individually or collectively
  • 5: Do the same for the tutors
  • 6: Finally, click on “Associate” to associate the selected learners and tutors.

Once the associations have been made, you can :

  • 1: See who the learners or tutors are associated with by hovering over the number at the end of the line.
  • 2: Export the association to an Excel file
  • 3: Cancel all the associations that have been made to start again from scratch

2.2. Associating tutors and learners by import

To associate tutors and learners by import:

  • 1: Click on “Association import”.
  • 2: A page will open allowing you to download the file template
  • 3: To download it, you need to enter the number of tutors you want to associate with each learner.
  • 4: You can automatically include the IDs/names/first names/id of the learners registered for the session in the file, so that you don’t have to fill them in by hand.

This is the file that will be generated. Here, a file with 2 tutors per learner has been requested.

The columns that must be filled in to fill in the tutors are :

  • Identifier
  • Last name
  • First name

The “Personnel number” column is optional, for both tutors and learners.

Once your file has been completed, you can return to the import association page and :

  • 1: Re-enter the number of tutors per learner
  • 2: Pick up your file
  • 3: Finally, consolidate and import the file to finalise the association.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the tutorial below: “Following a skills repository session”

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