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Q&A – Training

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Here are all our frequently asked questions about the “Training” section of the platform.

The activities catalog lets you manage a database of resources that can then be used in one or more training sessions.
The activities learning path enables you to create a dynamic teaching sequence (with, for example, different access periods for each activity, conditional paths, etc.) which can then be used in one or more training sessions.
The training session is what you are going to make available to the students. It is in this session that you are going to add or create content, set start and end dates, enrol your learners, have access to monitoring, etc.

You can create a conditional training session by creating training objectives which will include rules enabling certain activities to be made available only if the rule has been respected. To do this, you can “Activate the management of training objectives (conditional)” when you create your training session.

Yes, and there are two ways of doing this:

  • either you create an individual training session, and the activities will be accessible from the date on which learners register for the session.
  • or you can create a group training session and change the access dates for the activities in the “Planning” tab.

You can go to the “Learners” tab of your training session and add one or more people to access all or part of the training session.

The maximum size of a video is 250 MB.

To create a self-assessment, you first need to create your questionnaire (in the “Evaluation assessments” > “QMI” tab), before creating your self-assessment activity within your training session and picking up the previously created questionnaire (or any other questionnaire already on the platform).

In the parameters for a training session, it is possible to authorise access for consultation after the end date. Regardless of the strategy adopted for displaying tabs or scheduling activities for consultation, students will be able to go to the student area and then consult their learning traces via the “Past sessions” tab.