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Q&A – General

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Here are all our frequently asked questions.

To find archived content, you can go to the filter search box and select “yes” under “Archived”. This will bring up all the archived content.

Archiving is used to clean up your content, in order to “hide” obsolete content or content from previous years. It is no longer displayed by default; to make it reappear, you need to modify the “Archived” filter element.

Duplication is used to recreate new content from old content. This action is useful when you want to modify content that has been played in an exam (and can therefore no longer be modified). It can also be used to remove questions or add new ones from content that has already been created.

You may not have the rights to all the platform’s functions. If this is the case, please contact your school’s THEIA advisor so that he can give you all the necessary rights.

To change the language of your interface, go to your profile (top right of your page) and select the language of your choice.

When an item (user, catalogue, session, etc.) is deleted, it is not possible to restore it. It is therefore preferable to use the archive function.

In an exam, the authorised file sizes are as follows:

  • In a statement: 100 MB for a video / 1 MB for pictures
  • In an appendix: 50 MB for PDFs / 5 MB for Excel files
  • Student answers to Essay questions: 50 MB for PDFs and pictures / 5 MB for Excel files

In a training session :

  • In a course activity: 250 MB for videos / 50 MB for PDF, PPT, wav, doc / 5 MB for Excel
  • In student work repositories: 50 MB for docs, PDFs, videos, wavs, PPTs / 5 MB for Excel files

In a library :

  • 50 MB for videos, PDFs and pictures
  • 5 MB for Excel files