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Q&A – Assessment

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Here are all our frequently asked questions about the “Assessment” section of the platform.

You can add extra time to all the learners by going to the “Dashboard” tab of your exam and clicking on “Modify extra time for all learners” at the top right of the list of participants. To do this individually, click on the green clock at the end of the line opposite each participant.

The exam, unlike the conference, has a default access code, which students must be given before the test.
A conference does not have a default access code, but you can request one if you wish in the ‘Parameters’ tab.
Training allows you to generate a test that all users of the platform can take, but in which there is no notion of subscription, monitoring, dashboard, recovery of marks, post-processing, etc. This could, for example, correspond to annuals.

If you want to re-use content that has already been created and used in an exam, you can add it to your new exam without duplicating it. If, on the other hand, you wish to modify it before re-using it, you will need to duplicate it, modify it and then add it. Any content played in an exam can no longer be modified in order to preserve the learning traces.

In an FF, the student sees all the questions it contains, can answer them in any order and can go back to saved answers.
In a PF, the student only sees the first question, and only when they have saved an answer to it do they see the next question, and so on. They cannot go back to an answer that has already been recorded.

The “Dashboard” tab appears 1 hour before the start of your test, so if your test starts in more than 1 hour, you may not see the tab yet.

In your QMI, content played in exams will have information filled in in the “Usage” column. You will find the following information: “Conf./Exam./Train.” for content added in a conference, exam or training session.

The “correction comment” is made visible to the learner on their corrected copy, giving additional information on the answers they were required to give. The “correction help” is visible only to the Essay markers, to give them additional information on the marking of the papers.

You can add a spreadsheet file as an appendix to your question folder and create a Essay question that allows spreadsheet files.

If a student leaves a test without submitting their paper before the end time, the paper retains its “In Composition” status. It is then up to the administrator to submit the paper manually using the “Post-Exam” tab, so that both the paper and the mark are taken into account.

An “absent” participant will have the “ABS” field in the ” Marks ” tab as well as in the marks export. A “refused” participant will appear neither in the list in the ” Marks ” tab, nor in the export of marks. In both cases, users identified by this status are not taken into account when calculating statistics.

If a student leaves the test without submitting the paper, it will not be taken into account, the correction will not be made and the mark will not be calculated. However, we leave it up to the managers to decide whether or not this copy is considered valid, by carrying out the operation (refusing and/or submitting the copy) via the “Post-Exam” tab.

If a student leaves the exam without submitting a paper, the paper will remain “in progress” and will not appear in the ” Marks” tab of the exam. For it to appear, you need to go to the “Post-exam” tab and manually submit the student’s paper (or “automatically submit all papers started” if there are several students in this case).