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Q&A – Surveys and polls

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Here are all our frequently asked questions about the “Surveys and Polls” section of the platform.

The types of questions proposed in the surveys are not the same as those available in the QMI. Here you will find questions specific to surveys, such as cursor questions, evaluation tables, hierarchical questions, taxonomy questions, etc. However, you will also find more familiar questions such as multiple response, single response and free text questions.

When you have created a survey, you have a tab dedicated to statistical processing on the THEIA platform. You can go to the “Statistics” tab in your survey session. In this tab you will find the participants’ answers, and by clicking on the “File” tab you can export your questions in the form of tables and graphs, and you can also cross-reference data.

Yes, you can do this by going to the “Configuration” tab of your survey, selecting “Published” from the drop-down menu and defining the period during which your survey will be accessible.

A survey questionnaire created on the THEIA platform can be added :

  • in a training session as an activity
  • in a poll session