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Q&A – Skills

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Here are all our frequently asked questions about the “Competences” section of the platform.

  • A skills repository can be used in an exam, a conference or a training session. The items in the repository can be linked to folders or questions. This will generate a summary of the test by competency, marks by competency and will enable students to practise content corresponding to certain competency items.
  • The skills repository can also be used in an oral exam, via the “Skills repository session” or “OSCE session” module. It will be used to create the grid on which the learner will be assessed, which can be used by the assessor in real time to evaluate.

Even when linked as metadata to exam content, a skills repository can still be modified. Item titles can be modified and new items can be added.

In order for tutors to be able to register for a skills repository session (or OSCE session), they need to activate the “Be eligible as a skills repository tutor” right. Once this right has been activated, they will appear in the list of potential tutors.