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Q&A – Communication

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Here are all our frequently asked questions about the “Communication” section of the platform.

If students do not see all the items in a library, it may be because they have been unpublished. To change this, you can go to the library and change the settings for the items concerned.

There is no automatic notification for the creation of accounts via an import file. To notify new users, we recommend that you send an email to your learner groups via the “Communication” tab on the platform. Use the “login” and “connection address” tags to give them the information they need to log in.

The maximum size of videos that can be added to a library is 50 MB.

In the “Communication” tab, then “Welcome messages”, you can create messages and news feeds to inform your learners about various subjects.

There is no limit on the number of recipients, but the overall size of your e-mail must not exceed 5 MB (including recipients, signatures and attachments).